Unashamedly Unorthodox.

Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, Parys X started writing music at the age of thirteen and released his first project when he was 23.

Growing up in a creative household, Parys was exposed to a wide range of music as his dad played records and cd’s all through the night.

Heavily influenced by Hip Hop culture and spurred on by his endeavours as a graffiti artist, Parys began competing in regular rap battles in high school. He recorded his first rhymes rapping over instrumentals using only a pair of headphones as a microphone.

Around the same time, Parys got access to a Roland SP-808EX sampler, this sparked a creative journey of musical discovery as Parys used the 808 to experiment by recording sounds and distorting samples.

Several years later Parys X continues to draw from years of inspiration, now delivering a kaleidoscope of catchy melodies and instantly memorable choruses. Parys X has defined his own sound by blending multiple genres, resulting in a unique musical crossover between Pop, Hip Hop and EDM inspired anthems.